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Empowering the future of Additive Manufacturing

Welcome to Windsor's network of AM professionals.

Our Industrial Partners

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Our Research Interests

Metal AM

Novel design and build that leverages metal AM. Study of part residual stresses due to geometry and toolpath junctions.  

Intelligent Stock Models

Design of stock models that accurately represent AM built parts for simulation and virtual testing. 

Hybrid Manufacturing

Where machining and additive processes blend to unlock limitless possibilities in advanced fabrication techniques and design recovery.

Process Planning Strategies

Computer aided process planning for metal AM parts via simulation and proof of concept through physical experiment.

Surface Finish Analysis

Exploration of surface finish properties of metal AM built parts, applying tribology principles. 

Toolpath Optimization

Optimization of AM toolpaths to reduce voids and residual stresses. Toolpath manipulation for complex geometries and investigation of  support-less structures as well as multi-axis toolpaths.

AM Possibilities Are Endless.

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